Studio Five Photobooth

Devices and Equipment

We are using high performance devices with High Resolution DSLR Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 7D, include L Series wide angle lens which ensures sharpness and clarity of image, and it can work on a narrow area.



Two left-right lighting with diffuser so that the lighting flattens and photo becomes more soft.


High Speed Thermal Printer Kodak 605, which has the ability to print 4R size within 11 seconds. With paper is resistant to water.


Kodak 305 Photo Printer boasts very high speed of 11.4 seconds per one, And can print the type of photo striped

We are using Acer Aspire Intel Core i3 to processing image from camera to printer device


We are also using DSLRBooth Software, Known as no. 1 in the application software photo booth, which is capable of providing automatically overlay to the captured photo


We always use the different design overlay for every our job, which is the original of our works, so that no overlay the same with us, and for us, photography is not just a job, but photography is art, setting poses, property, to establish the best composition the photobooth.


To ensure satisfaction results, we show display, so that the customer can see the pictures, and select pictures to be printed.


And one of the latest features from our, customers can download their photo as directly, by using wifi connected with our latptop, and we dare to claim that we are the only service provider photobooth in Lampung to do this, as the form that we know will willingness of customers who do not only want the pictures are printed, but also their file photo. We are an IT person who loves photography.


We provide services including photo frames and properties.


After shooting in the photo booth, all the results will be documented to DVD, and given to the owner of a celebration.




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